Our Partners

We are immensely proud to be associated with our partners, with whom we share a passion for doing business the fair way and producing well-crafted products each and every time. Our partners are based in Africa and around the world. They are fashion labels, fair trade wholesalers, social enterprises, cooperatives and independent artisans who take their inspiration from the diverse pool of African design and culture. They engage socially responsible principles when doing business, including sourcing materials responsibly and sustainably, employing labour for a fair wage and paying fairly for their materials.

We believe it is possible to run a retail business today with a model other than 'Fast Fashion'. It's tough, and sometimes costly, but it is most definitely possible, and the more of us buy into this way of thinking and doing, the better the outcome will be for us all. One thing we do for our customers - the most crucial part of this whole partnership (because you keep us going) - is to keep you informed of how our products came about so that you know (and therefore like even more) what you're paying for. And yes, you too are our partners. Cheesy, we know, but true. So please browse the site, visit our Brands page to see what our suppliers do - we think you'll be inspired!